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the world of peace and joy, the world of true knowledge, the world of Divine light, all you ever wanted. Here you will discover many new things , even yourself. Here an amazing new life is awaiting you.


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A true spiritual and eternal religious society based on ‘MahaVad’ ––the doctrine taught by ‘MahaAnand’. There are two wings(division) in ‘MahaManasMandal’, one is ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’( based on ‘MahaManan’––the way of true knowledge ) and other is ‘Maha Anand Mandal’( based on MahaSadhana––the way of devotion and eternal love).

There is another global society similar to MMM (MahaManasMandal). It is Maha Anand Holly Association (MAHA). MahaManas is another name of MahaAnand. MahaManas means Cosmic Mind and MahaManasMandal means – the sphere or world of Cosmic Mind. The activities of MMM is same to MAHA.





The True-Spiritualism & great religion of MahaAnand –the great preceptor, the great humanitarian, the great sage of the modern age. A true fair and joyful religion without any bad side like superstition, malice– hatred, cruelty, malpractice. There are two way in ‘MahaVad’, one is ‘MahaManan’––the way of true knowledge and other is ‘MahaSadhana’––the way of devotion–the way of pure love––eternal love.


Maha Manas Mandal


   A modern society for science and spiritual conscious men, who have eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development, who are fond of truth. 

  ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’ and it’s all programs are based on ‘MahaManan’( one of two paths of ‘MahaVad’)–– The path of blooming consciousness, the way of true knowledge. 

   If you want to make your life more beautiful, happy and peaceful, If you want to enjoy the life more nicely, If you want to get a healthy and prosperous life, come and join our society. There an amazing new world is awaiting you!             

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"Misconception–– wrong idea regarding oneself and this world is the cause of all distress and sorrow."

–– MahaManas



Maha Anand Mandal



   A modern society for devotees and eternal lovers.

  If you want to be included yourself in an eternal joyful–– peaceful––loving world and if you want to enjoy a lovely delightful life with full of eternal love–– joy and peace, ‘MahaSadhana’(one of two paths of ‘MahaVad’ ) is the right way for you.

  There, where is only one close connection of nectar like eternal love with God, with nature, with human and all creatures. Come and join our society. There an amazing new world is awaiting you!      


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“In any where, in any condition, bear me in your mind, I will save you.”–– MahaManas



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