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Please copy the following Application Format, then fill the form completely & send it to our e-mail. With the Application send your recent colored photograph. E-mail:  





Application form for membership





Name :


Surname :


Full name :


Age :


Sex  :     Male    /    Female


Address –  a) Locality :

                  b) City :

                  c) State / Province :

                  d) Country :

                  e) Zip / Pin :

                  f) Phone – – Residence :

                                       Mobile :

                  g) E-mail :

                  h) Web site (if any) :



(Kindly mark or under line the options, as per your choice :)


I want to be a part of MAHA’s – Maha Anand Mandal.

I want to be a part of MAHA’s – Maha Jnan Mandal.

I want to be an ordinary member.

I want to be an initiated member.

I want to be a completely dedicated to MAHA.


I mention my details below :

                                          a) Married –   Yes    /    No     /     I don’t want

                                         b) Children –  Yes    /    No    /     I don’t want

                                         c) Employed –  Yes   /     No 

                                         d) Education :

                                         e) Extra qualification :  

                                         f) Hobby :

                                         g) Other personal details (if any)



I have understood all the details of MAHA, & agree to abide myself by principles of MAHA and apply for its membership. All my above-mentioned details are true to my knowledge.

I am not involved in Illegal or in humanitarian activities, or was never involved before. 

I shall be highly obliged, if you kindly grant my application for membership.



Signature –

(Full name and Surname)


Date –




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